Why Companies Must Re-Examine What Determines Brand Image


This is the third post in a four-part series. In part one of our series, we looked at why marketers need a modern, comprehensive way to measure brand health and how the Brand JuJu™ Index takes a different approach to Experience to reveal actionable insights. In part two, we looked at the Engagement portion of the Brand JuJu Index, in particular, how it applies to millennials. In this third post, we’ll look at how we measure Image and what makes the Brand JuJu Index a better way to measure brand health. Part four summarizes the advantages of the Brand JuJu Index.

It’s all about context

Image portraying image piece of Brand JuJuThe Image section of the Brand JuJu Index tracks three traditional drivers of brand health: Affinity, Reputation and Satisfaction. So what makes the Brand JuJu method different from what you’re doing now?

Brand JuJu takes several factors into consideration at the same time to provide a total picture of brand health.

The issue for most marketers is that they tend to look at each area of their brand under a microscope, examining one small piece at a time. The Brand JuJu Index helps you take a step back and view the brand in its entirety. Only then can you see how each of the individual drivers is succeeding or failing to push your brand forward.

(I can’t get no) Satisfaction

An innovative consumer packaging goods brand recently provided us with a clear example during one of our Brand JuJu studies. Its Satisfaction score was rather average, but its Performance score was way above the norm.

When these drivers are examined individually, the unremarkable scores might lead the marketing team to stay the course. However, when the scores are analyzed together in the Brand JuJu Index, it’s instantly clear that there’s a major problem in the way consumers think about the brand.

In this case, product performance greatly exceeds expectations, yet consumers remain unimpressed. The brand needs to engage consumers on a more emotional level to get credit for the innovation it’s clearly demonstrating.

Reimagining Image studies

Affinity, Reputation and Satisfaction are always going to be key drivers of brand health. However, the way these areas are scored and interpreted can have an enormous impact on brand health and brand strategy.

By standardizing the results and presenting a complete picture of brand health—including Engagement and Experience scores—the Brand JuJu Index provides a unique opportunity to focus your effort on the areas of your brand that will give you the most lift.


3 drivers of brand health

Discover more of what Brand JuJu can do for you

In our final post of this series, we’ll look at three ways the Brand JuJu Index helps your brand win big.

Download our Brand JuJu white paper to learn more about why our approach delivers a better way to measure brand health and discover how you can outsmart versus outspend your competition.


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