Top Callahan Creek Blogs of 2014


What did we get right? Where did we go wrong? What did you find yourself nodding in agreement to, or shaking your head no to? Take a look back at some of the best blogs from Callahan Creek in 2014.

Quit hemming and hawing

You already have all the creativity and the skills and the tools on your desk or in your backpack. Everything you need in order to rule in some major client prezo or slay those award show judges is right there, right now. So what are you waiting for? – Tug McTighe
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Facebook pay-to-play should be a wake-up call to marketers

Want to create a winning marketing strategy? Take a cue from the world of competitive air guitar. – Eric Melin
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How to outsmart vs. outspend

Specialty brands are unique, and therefore they have the greatest opportunity to market themselves differently and more effectively than their mass counterparts. – Chris Marshall
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How to know you’re a brand advocate

Are you compelled to tell people about your favorite brand? Then you might be a brand advocate – Tara Stewart
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Keep the “person” in “personalization”

Data-driven personalization is on the cusp of changing marketing, promising targeted advertising that is more relevant and timely for consumers. But don’t forget to look up from your Excel spreadsheets and talk with some real humans before you push “go” on your next campaign. – Sarah Miller
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Changing faster might be specialty brands’ biggest advantage

How long before everything you know about marketing is obsolete? While it’s impossible to predict exactly when that moment will occur, the pace of change is getting faster – and that can benefit nimble specialty brands. – John Kuefler
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Proving it: why brands should live their vision

In an effort to move from the ineffectiveness of disruption marketing, where brands aim to divert attention, to permission marketing, where they aim to earn attention, we’re seeing brands begin to publish more and more original content. And not just entertaining advertising, but content designed to prove their core values. – Stefan Mumaw
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Building brand advocacy from the ground up

Good old fashioned word-of-mouth has gotten a spiffy digital and social upgrade to “Brand Advocacy,” and in today’s fragmented marketing landscape it’s never been more valuable. But is your brand positioned to utilize it? – David Unekis
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Uncovering core human truths: Getting at what actually matters

When you need to get to that irresistible idea, that story that ignites a market or gets people talking and sharing, data analysis, even with the advanced analytical tools we have at our disposal, is only part of the equation. You must also discover a deep, emotional and unifying human truth that only comes from studying the intersection of culture, psychology and physical environment. – Kent Stones
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Experiential Marketing 101

Approaching an experiential marketing campaign from a foundation of intelligent strategic insight and bringing it home with rock solid tactical prowess will make the difference between empowering consumers to advocate for your brand and just poking at them with a stick. – Sarah Gibbins
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