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Our recommended top ten specialty brand marketing articles – October 2013


The best articles for specialty marketing from the past month

Why don’t consumers always buy their preferred brand?

Are marketers misunderstanding the true nature of brand loyalty? Even when consumers prefer your brand, that is, buy your brand more often than they buy any of your competitors, your share of wallet (sometimes called share of requirements) might not be much more than 50% via Joel Rubinson at joelrubinson.net
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Content Curation: Key Tips and Ideas for Brands

Content curation certainly has its supporters and detractors. Some suggest that it’s no different than aggregation, while advocates contend that it’s another way to share timely information and insights that support a brand and its corporate marketing goals.via Mike Murray at Content Marketing Institute
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If You Aren’t Telling Stories, You Aren’t Getting Through

For years, social media-obsessed companies have manically sprayed the digital space with short bursts of information. But Tweets and Facebook posts–no matter how copious–can’t do a brand justice. In his upcoming book, Your Brand: The Next Media Company, Michael Brito, urges marketers to create full-fledged editorial teams and processes ranging from story schedules to style manuals. via Leigh Buchanan at Inc.
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How to Find Influencers Who Want to Share and Link to Your Content

Your post isn’t 100% original. No one’s is. Other people in your niche write similar posts, and some of them probably get a lot more traffic than yours. Let’s change that. Let’s get some influencers to share your posts as well. via Mark Trueman at Entrepreneur
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Social media crisis: Lessons from the front lines. Is your brand prepared?

Some important social media lessons for both businesses and individuals can be taken from a pretty incredible and somewhat scary series of events that took place on Facebook last week. via Ben Smith at Callahan Creek
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Millennials want to help your brand share its story

The brand value formula used to be the sum of functional and emotional divided by price. This definition, because of Millennials, is now dead. The new definition is functional, emotional and participation divided by price,” said Jeff Fromm, EVP at ad agency Barkley and co-author of “Marketing to Millennials.” via Alicia Kelso at Retail Customer Experience
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Why? The Right Question that Builds Brands in Social Media

In my five years of research, consulting and managing social media, I have been asked thousands of questions. What I almost never hear asked is Why? Not simply the “small whys” such as “Why is my brand on Facebook” and “Why should anyone care to engage with my brand?,” but also the “great, big whys,” such as “Why does my business exist?,” “Why should people buy from me and not my competitors?,” and most importantly, “Why should anyone care about my brand?” via Augie Ray at experiencetheblog.com
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Brand Should Be Built On “Story” And “Experience” In Human Era

Brand-building today can no longer be led by messaging and advertising alone, but requires both “story” and “experience” to work together to drive brand favorability, according to “Welcome to the Human Era,” a report that examines the fundamental decline of consumer trust and the subsequent shift in how brands need to act to garner lasting connections with their customers. via The Holmes Report
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The Millennial Male Is Not Who You Think He Is

It’s the best time in the world to be a millennial man, to hear baby boomers tell it—let your parents or your girlfriend pay the rent, maybe start a useless tech company, watch marketers trip over themselves trying to reach you. But talk to guys in this highly desirable demo yourself and you might discover a disenfranchised group with little disposable income, a love of niche culture and an upbeat outlook that belies the economic hand they’ve been dealt (two-seven offsuit). They’re not opposed to advertising, but they also love being obscure—it’s the first generation that would starve trying to order a pizza (or deciding where to order a pizza from). Not your dream clientele? Well, get used to them—they’re the biggest generation in history, and if you can’t reach them, somebody else will. via Sam Thielman at AdWeek
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A Simple (But Hard) Truth That Will Change Your Marketing Forever

It is, somewhat, amazing that we live in a day and age when people talk about brands and authenticity like it is some kind of given. Just because brands have been forced to engage with consumers in a much quicker and more transparent fashion, it doesn’t make them any more authentic. It just means that they are being public with the speed in which they connect. That’s it. via Mitch Joel at Twist Image
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