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Our recommended top ten specialty brand marketing articles – March 2014


The best articles for specialty marketing from the past month

Re-think your target and re-craft your message: why niche is more

We’re in the business of selling, so one of the hardest decisions we can make is to focus on a narrow set of consumers. In our minds that means we’re ignoring everyone else and their buying power, which is bad business in selling – right? via Tara Stewart at Callahan Creek
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Has the anti-hero come to advertising’s rescue?

It appears a take no prisoners attitude is emerging as the latest advertising trend. First Barbie. Now Cadillac. The two most talked about, written about ads of the last month share an in your face “I don’t really care what you think,” approach to selling that seems inspired by the likes of Ray Donovan or Patty Hewes. Remember the days of Bill Cosby? via Edward Boches at Creativity Unbound
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Attracting Millennial Brand Advocates Is Marketers’ Priority

Sooner than later, brands will have no choice but to shift their approach to accommodate the ways of the millennials. via Folke Lemaitre at MediaPost
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What Craft Beer Taught Me About Marketing

I like craft beer. Lots of people do. And it should be no surprise to anyone that small, local craft beer breweries have exploded in popularity across the US in recent years. Oddly enough, their massive growth has taught me a thing or two about marketing a brand successfully. via Chris Richardson at Medium
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The Psychology And Philosophy Of Branding, Marketing, Needs, And Actions

Consumers build brands, not companies. This is a fundamental marketing truth that cannot be denied. Consumers give brands value by developing perceptions and expectations for those brands. Companies enhance the value by delivering consistent brand experiences that consumers can trust. via Susan Gunelius at Forbes
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Emotion in marketing: How our brains decide which content is shareable

In this post we’ll take a close look at each of the four emotions, how they form in the brain and the way they can motivate us to surprising actions. via Kaihan Krippendorff atThe Next Web
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Sometimes your smallest customers can be your strongest brand advocates

A few weeks before Christmas, my wife and I went to Bass Pro Shops to buy a gift for my father-in-law, who is an avid fisherman. Now, understand, my idea of the Great Outdoors is watching an old John Candy movie of the same name on Netflix. So this was the first time in ten years that I had set foot in one of their stores. via John Carlton atCallahan Creek
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How Loyal Are Millennials to Brands?

Some 64% of Millennials say they feel at least as much brand loyalty to their favorite brands as their parents do to their own favorite brands, according to a recent report from Adroit Digital. via Ayaz Nanji at Marketing Profs
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Did Your Content Change Any Minds Today?

Let’s be honest. Most content stinks. It’s not particularly useful, fun to read or compelling to its target audience. It doesn’t persuade anybody. But should it? Does persuasion really matter? via Mike Sobol at Social Media Today.
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The Future Of Marketing: A Little Less Campaign And A Little More Action

Each year the fall rolls around. Summer tans have faded. Marketing planning begins. Here’s the sequence: Agencies get briefed, ideas are presented, concepts get developed, creative gets shot, media gets bought, ads run, results get measured, and (maybe) awards get submitted. Celebratory dinner with the requisite toasts and back slapping. Fall rolls around again. Lather, rinse, repeat. via Stan Phelps at Forbes
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