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Our recommended top ten specialty brand marketing articles – January 2014


The best articles for specialty marketing from the past month

Major Focus For 2014: Human Audience Tech, Metrics, Click-to-Play Video

The online advertising industry endured major changes in 2013, such as new creative ad units like native ads. In the coming year, brands will focus on accountability and more demanding test and measurement performance metrics. Expectations will be heightened around human audience requirements, cognition, user experience and effectiveness. via Laurie Sullivan at MediaPost
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7 Things to Include in Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

From amazing campaigns and content to crises, no doubt brands will again show us the good, the bad, and the ugly side of social media. By now brands should have their marketing strategies in place but what should a brand include for its social media strategy? Every brand is unique, but there’re some basic things every brand should consider. via Andy Cronin at ClickZ
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Taking Back The Social-Media Command Center

The social media industrial complex seems to rush to the latest trend like a hipster to the latest iPhone. We’ve seen it in the craze for viral videos and in the promise of massive overnight social followings – goals with very little substance to them. And the latest of these trends seems to be the social media command center. via Scott Gulbransen at Forbes
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Utilitarianism Marketing—Being Useful While Getting Your Message Across

There aren’t a lot of brands that agree to spend their resources on providing utility without forcing their sales message. But there are some that execute it with grace and strike a good balance between utility and marketing. Here’s what we can learn from them. via Ekaterina Walter at Fast Company
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Building brand advocates early

As someone who works full-time and is a parent of two small children, I’m always looking for ways to consolidate steps and save more time to spend with my family on the weekends. As much as we’d love to spend the entire weekend doing fun stuff, there’s inevitably the not-so-fun stuff that has to get done too. via Sarah Miller at Callahan Creek
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4 Lessons In Building A Brand

There are some marketing pros out there who think that influencer marketing is a game-changer. Social media has leveled the playing field so that it’s not just the Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of the world that can influence a gaggle of girls to buy a new perfume – now everyone has the potential to become an influencer in his or her own career. Consumers trust their friends, family and advocates far more than they trust banner and TV ads, and they’re more likely to make a purchase because of a recommendation than a billboard. via Kaihan Krippendorff at Fast Company
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Marketers Fail to Align Customer Experience, Branding

Brand and customer experience strategies are rarely talked about in the same context, and there are many mis-perceptions about what each means and the role they play in the business. via Dom Nicastro at CMS Wire
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They Have Consumers At ‘Hello’

Dubitsky, a former chief marketing officer of Popcorn, Indiana, explains how he has built buzz for Hello products with limited marketing, why great design is a great differentiator, how he keeps creative ideas flowing, and more. via Ken Beaulieu at Marketing Daily
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How to Market Like an Arrogant Bastard

Stone Brewing doesn’t spend money on advertising, but they still manage to get their message across loud and clear. Here’s how they do it. via Robin D. Schatz at Inc.
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How To Build A Community Of Brand Advocates

Carefully curated brand advocates can do the heavy lifting for you. via Cassie Hughes & Gabrey Meanst at Fast Company
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