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Our recommended top ten specialty brand marketing articles – August 2013


The best articles for specialty marketing from the dog days of summer:

Top 10

How to Get Millennials to Love and Share Your Product

Millennials celebrate brand purpose. This is one of the most compassionate generations with regard to social issues. This quality extends to purchasing and brand preferences; research shows that millennials will seek out and buy brands that support a cause that aligns with their values. via Jeff Fromm at Ad Age
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Smart social: A conversation with H&R Block’s Scott Gulbransen

H&R Block’s Scott Gulbransen explains why encouraging and empowering employees to speak about your brand in the right way is not only powerful advocacy, but is actually safer for the brand. via Ben Smith at Callahan Creek
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The Power Of Keeping A Promise

Somewhere in the disconnect between tacit consumer expectations and company guarantees is a way for today’s smartest companies to seize the moment, win greater customer loyalty and repair the foundation of their brand image. via Dawn Palmer at Marketing Daily
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4 Identifiers to Target the Perfect Bloggers for Your Brand

What criteria do you look for when choosing a blogger who is a good fit for your campaign? via Kristen Matthews at Socialmediatoday
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The Inferior Brand

Everybody wants their brand to be the belle of the ball. It’s not always the reality. Many people (it maybe you) are working for inferior brands. It’s on us, dear marketers, to turn that story around. To fix the product, price, promotion and place to tell the right story for the brand. via Mitch Joel at Twist Image
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Increase Facebook Engagement With Shared Albums

Do you have an ambassador who’s totally gaga over your product? Did you just host an event that left you with tons of pictures to share? Looking for a way to increase Facebook engagement? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, Facebook has a solution for you. via Stephanie Frasco at convert with content
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Discrimination or Niche Marketing? Lululemon helps us decide.

Can a specialty brand choose their audience and focus their marketing efforts and even their corporate policies in such a way that their actions border on discriminatory? via Tug McTighe at Callahan Creek
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Infographic: Customer Retention by the Numbers

In this infographic from Customers That Stick, various customer retention statistics are shared to break down the three most important aspects of customer retention… Why Customers Leave, Why Customers Stick, and Why Retained Customers Mean Money. via Douglas Karr at Marketing Tech Blog
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Marketers: Now Is The Time To Act On The Mobile Opportunity

There is still a mismatch between customers’ and marketers’ mobile usage. Marketers are using a wide range of mobile tactics and technologies. However, there is a disconnect between technologies rolled out and regular usage among customers. Marketers tend to focus too heavily on building native mobile apps, spending money where they don’t need to. via Thomas Husson at Forrester
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What Happens when Millenials Stop Buying Your Luxury Products?

There are times when the concepts of status, success, and money change due to a generational shift. The last time that happened was in the 1960s, driven by the coming of age of the Baby Boom generation. In the ’60s the marketing assumptions of the 1950s went out the window, making way for a fresh new kind of advertising and a fresh take on the meaning of luxury. We are poised for another generational sea change, and the Millennials will usher it in. via Kelly Hushin at The e-tail blog
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