Simple stand-out tactics for effective in-store displays


A recent trip to a fave specialty store of mine, World Market, reminded me that simple display tactics still work. Stick to the basics, and even the most elementary solution can be outstanding.

World Market Display

World Market’s trail mix display is a good illustration of the following core principles:

  • Create visual punctuation in a sea of sameness
    Visual distinction was created in an area where packaging and differentiation was otherwise minimal. By providing a sign above one of their feature selections, the store immediately draws the shopper in. This simple execution is disruptive and compelling.
  • Understand the environment
    The store environment is not overly produced, competitive or slick. As a result, display tactics needed to appear well-integrated and genuine in order to be trusted.
  • Provide added value
    It isn’t enough to just get noticed. Brands must add value to an otherwise, unknown product or service. A simple, hand-written recommendation by a store advocate creates a personal overtone and relevancy to the shopper. “Wow, out of all these options, this is one I should try.” All of a sudden, shoppers will include this product in their consideration set simply because of the authenticity of the signage.

In a world of 60-second speed dating, this display has my number. No behaviorally targeted ad, no geo-targeted mobile SMS message, no fancy digital display, but this $5 in-store display made me stop and look. I hope they let me keep my job, because apparently – digital isn’t everything?

Postscript: Deliver on the promise
Those smoky, delicious wasabi-inspired almonds were delish. I second the recommendation (and will likely utilize my personal, digital social networks to do so…job security!).

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