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Ready for mobile marketing? Where to start?


Do you need a mobile app? A mobile-friendly version of your website? Promotions directed to smart phone users? When is it time to get on the mobile marketing bandwagon?

One important clue is in your web analytics. Using Google Analytics (or similar traffic analysis tools) you can see how many visitors are viewing your website from mobile devices and which ones they are using. Studying traffic to half a dozen sites I saw trends in the 1% to 4% range of total traffic coming from mobile devices. Apply those percentages to your total traffic and you may find that there are only a handful of visitors to your site from mobile platforms. If so, the ROI on investing in mobile marketing may not be there yet. But don’t sit back and relax too long, mobile is like a train coming down the tracks.

On the other hand, 4% could represent tens of thousands of visits, as it did in the case of one site I studied. If tens of thousands of people are accessing your site from a smart phone, it’s time to get serious about mobile marketing.

If that means developing a mobile app, take another look at the analytics and see what platforms your site visitors are using. In the sites I studied, most mobile visits were from iPhones, but in some cases Android was a close second, with BlackBerry a distant third. But your site will be unique, so take a look and proceed accordingly. You may be able to get your foot in the mobile app water with just an iPhone app initially, but keep an eye on Android because it’s gaining momentum fast.

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