Elanco, a division of Eli Lilly and one of the world’s largest animal health companies, wanted to educate dog owners about the 3-in-1 protection of Trifexis® (spinosad+milbemycin oxime) and drive them to veterinary clinics to ask for the product.


To achieve this, we created a campaign featuring a mom’s adventures with her three dogs to reinforce the 3-in-1 benefit of Trifexis. This multi-channel campaign included TV, online and print ads as well as in-clinic signage and social media.


Since 2011, our ongoing marketing campaigns and work for Trifexis have helped make it the #1 prescribed combo parasite protection for dogs.*

“Callahan Creek worked within a complex set of regulations and legal parameters to deliver a simple, clear message across all media. They also designed an analytics program that clearly demonstrates the ROI.”

—Cathy Martin / Sr. Director US Marketing, Elanco, Division of Eli Lilly

*Vetstreet. “Canine Total FTH Products Dose Share By Month – Total US.” Feb. 2017.”