Guaranteed to find untapped opportunities or your money back.

Our clients are surprised to learn how much insight is hiding in their existing data. The Callahan Marketing Data Audit is a diagnostic analysis of all available marketing data designed to uncover:

  1. New ways to evaluate business performance for smarter and more confident planning of objectives, tactics and budgets for current and future marketing campaigns.
  2. Missed opportunities in execution, planning and budget allocation to enhance your existing insights from prior campaigns.
  3. Technology and process areas within the current data ecosystem that are lacking.

callahan-intellience-platform-dashboardThe deliverables.

After performing the audit, we provide:

  1. A data analysis summary report.
  2. Insights into new and unique ways to evaluate business performance.
  3. Recommendations to leverage those evaluations for more confident planning of marketing objectives, tactics and budget planning and/or better data management systems.
  4. Access to the Callahan Intelligence Platform dashboard, which displays various live views of the analyzed data.

And even though getting to those insights is complex for us, we make it simple and painless for our clients.

Our Marketing Data Audit is for you, if…

  • You’re a CMO, marketing director or brand manager for a national consumer brand.
  • You’re under pressure to justify your budgets and prove the efficacy of your marketing.
  • You need solid insights that lead to measurable strategies and tactics.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You’ve got a limited marketing budget and you don’t know the best way to spend it.
  • You don’t even know what marketing data you have access to, or how to get to it.
  • You can’t figure out whether what you’re doing is leading to revenue or margin.
  • You’re stuck in old marketing patterns and can’t find the data you need to change it.
  • You’re wasting money somewhere, you just don’t know where.
  • You’re constantly struggling to defend your marketing budget.
  • You’re getting ready to launch a new product, but you’re just guessing at how.

What does it cost?


How long does it take?

30 days (or less) after we receive access to client data.

Our guarantee.

We guarantee to uncover insights that can be used to enhance, either (1) your current or future data strategy, or (2) your marketing planning or execution. If you don’t agree that what we find is valuable, we will refund your money.