Grabbing shoppers’ attention just takes imagination


I think all specialty brands can agree that grabbing a consumer’s attention in-store is not always easy. But a little imagination goes a long way. Sometimes the most impactful displays may not cost anything – in fact, they may not require much investment other than a little work by store associates.

KU DisplayI was taken aback when I ran across this example last weekend in my local supermarket. Some clever and industrious people had constructed a 10-foot wall of Coke products, carefully arranged to depict KU, a basketball, 2011 and the Jayhawk mascot, all just in time for March Madness. (Too bad KU didn’t live up to the expectations that were undoubtedly hoped for by the people who built this masterpiece.) I later learned that it was actually the Coke distributor who built the display, and that they do similar ones all over the country.

As I watched people encounter the display the impact was just as you would expect – it was a real traffic stopper. Just shows that a little imagination and some careful execution can sometimes work harder than an expensive formal display. Any thoughts about how your product can become the display, or how your distributors or retailers can be enlisted to construct something impactful at point-of-sale without an expensive pre-printed display unit?

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