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HD video for the masses, streaming soon whether you’re ready or not


If you’ve been paying attention, you’re already aware that “content is king” in our industry and further, that video is the content people will be consuming.

The trouble, of course, is that despite Google Fiber rolling out Kansas City this year, the internet (both wired and mobile) will not be getting any faster for most consumers in the near future. We keep talking about how important video content is/will be, but the bandwidth bottleneck is going to affect the consumer experience in a significant way.

So, faced with a pipe that isn’t getting any bigger, some very smart people have figured out how to enshrinkify the data being sent. (Yes, it totally is a word.) Basically, the new codec standard for video compression (H.265 or HEVC) will make high quality video streaming easier over the same networks. From TechCrunch:

H.265 will enable publishers to stream 1080p video with about half as many bits as required today. That should make true streaming HD video available not just in broadband households, but on mobile and tablet devices, using networks that are a lot more bandwidth-constrained. Doing so could make online video more widely available in markets with poor connectivity or mostly mobile connections.

Even better, there are currently a billion devices – computers, tablets and mobile devices – that already have hardware that can handle the new codec (with software updates).

The last excuse for shying away from creating video content – bandwidth bottlenecks – is going away. What are you waiting for?



Enshrinkify: (verb) the act of compressing data using the maths that you told your eighth grade trigonometry teacher you would never, ever need; used to facilitate the watching on airplanes of awesomely bad action movies that you’re too embarrassed to admit to your family and friends that you really enjoy.

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