Today’s marketing world has produced a new set of variables that can either fuel—or threaten—brand health. From a fragmented media landscape, to the increased fight for attention and the rise of millennials, to an environment dominated by digital, social, mobile and data, much has changed. Using our Brand JuJu Index, we uncover how your brand performs in this context so we can create marketing programs to outsmart—versus outspend—the competition.


Brand JuJu® Index

To achieve laser-focus on the most important problems, we must first identify what they are. We realized that there was no single tool that gives a comprehensive measure of brand health in a way that is reflective of the modern world. So we built it.


The Brand JuJu Index uses quantitative consumer research to score brands on nine key measures. We identify brand strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities. Find out how >

Our Strategic Approach

Brand JuJu metrics (along with insights from other primary and secondary research sources) provide the foundation for us to build more effective client marketing programs.


These insights are the basis for brand and creative strategies, nurturing relationships with consumers throughout their purchase paths, and how we define and measure success. Ultimately, this is how we maximize your brand’s JuJu. About our services >


Learn more about Brand JuJu—download our white paper >