A better way to measure brand health—3 key advantages


In part one of our series, we examined the Experience drivers of the Brand Juju Index. In part two, we looked at the Engagement portion. In part three, we discussed taking a nontradtional approach to traditional measures of Image. In this final post of the series, we’ll discuss the three key differences that make the Brand JuJu Index a better way to measure brand health.

Advantage #1: A complete picture

What sets the Brand JuJu Index apart from the way most marketers conduct brand research?

The first and most important difference is the way the Brand JuJu Index presents you with a complete picture of brand health. We take a deep dive into Experience, Engagement and Image drivers to develop a comprehensive view of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its biggest opportunities. We repeat the process for your brand’s biggest competitors to give you a clear view of the marketplace.

Callahan Creek Brand JuJu

Looking at brand health like this provides us with a complete picture of what consumers think. What we often discover is that high scores in one area often fail to lead to expected success due to an issue in another area. The real benefit of Brand JuJu research is its usefulness to identify the key problems and opportunities for a brand. By providing an accurate diagnosis of your brand and your competitors, we’re able to develop a clear plan to attack the most important issues and make the most significant gains possible with the marketing dollars available.

That’s how we outsmart—rather than outspend—the competition.

Advantage #2: Speed to market

While other research methods often take months to reveal a fraction of the information, the Brand JuJu Index can provide you with a comprehensive view of brand health in as little as six weeks. That gives you an amazing opportunity to start achieving more success, much sooner. The nimble nature of the research also makes it easier to adapt quickly as the market changes.

Brand JuJu research allows you to act nimbly, focus your resources on actions that make a difference and get real results for your brand, fast.

Advantage #3: A surprisingly low price

What’s the use of research if it takes all your marketing dollars? The Brand JuJu Index is built for brands that want to outmaneuver—not outspend— the competition.

While your biggest competitors are likely spending six figures on research, you can gain invaluable insights for as little as 20 percent of that cost. It may well be the very best money you’ll ever spend on behalf of your brand.

juju-whitepaper-coverGive your brand more JuJu

The Brand JuJu Index gives you a clear view of your brand health and helps you identify the opportunities that will make the biggest difference for your brand—all in less time and for less money than other research methods.

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